“There’s a Pink Poodle In My Arcadia” – Pittsburgh Center For the Arts – 2018 Artist of the Year Exhibition – September 28th thru November 4th.

There’s a Pink Poodle In My Arcadia” One of my earliest memories – I was at a carnival with my parents – and my dad won a stuffed toy poodle. But because it was pink he wouldn’t let me keep it. Dad went from booth to booth with me following in tears until he could exchange it for a blue one. Blue is for boys – not pink. I was so disappointed and unaware that that was only the beginning of mutual unfulfilled expectations and a gradual fear on my part with the color pink – a color to be kept at a distance while in the closet.

So much energy was expended to fit in and be “normal”. During a summer program at Harvard – I was bemoaning how I couldn’t seem to find a place to fit in and was having a fine pity party – when a new friend said, “ You have to create your own world and then invite others to join you! Stop whining!”

Well, I took that advice to heart. I’ve created my own world – my arcadia. I came out of the closet and made peace with the color pink. My show is based on memory and is a celebration inviting everyone to join me as their true selves.