About the Metal Sculpture Artist

Atticus Adams was born in John Day, Oregon and grew up in West Virginia.

“As a kid I was never exposed to fine art but developed a love of crafts – like macramé and my Grandmother Adams had a wonderful collection of paintings on velvet, beaded plastic fruit, feather “flower” arrangements and two Lava lamps.”

“While in college two important things happened artistically – I was given a camera and I took a trip to Washington DC – a retrospective of Picasso was showing at the National Gallery. I was stunned by the collages! I had never seen anything like them.”

Taking photos and creating slide shows and collages provided an artistic outlet to balance a creatively sterile job. This worked for a time – but eventually that wasn’t enough and in the summer of 1992 Adams attended an architecture program at Harvard.

“At Harvard I learned that I was not an architect, but that I love making models and I discovered metal screen as an artistic medium for the first time.”

Over the next several years Adams took art and design classes, first at Tidewater Community College in Virginia, then at RISD, and finally in 2004 at the Yale School of Art.

“The summer sculpture class at Yale was fantastic! It broadened my concept about sculpture, (not just people statues), and I was encouraged to use any material that inspired – metal mesh again entered my work and this time with commitment.”

In 2006 Adams moved to Pittsburgh and now shares a loft with his husband Garry Pyles and his parrot Congo.